This award winning documentary investigates the controversial phenomenon of "Breatharianism"
living on light background
production background
The making of "In The Beginning There Was Light" took 10 years of research and 5 years of filming.

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production background
Director P.A. Straubinger did ten years of research on the controversial topic of Inedia aka Breatharianism.
P.A. Straubinger, director of "IN THE BEGINNING THERE WAS LIGHT" has worked for more than 20 years for the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation. In spring of 2000 he met a meditation teacher, who allegedly stopped eating physical food completely for more than a year at that time. This personal encounter was the beginning of years of private research in which the open but still skeptical director studied this strange phenomenon of "Inedia". After finding a lot of contradicting information in books and on the internet, P.A. Straubinger started to search for first hand information around the world.
Starting point: A personal encounter with meditation teacher Dieter Hochegger who allegedly stopped eating in 1998.

During a period of 5 years of filming and travelling the globe with his camera, he visited people who claimed to live without physical food. He also interviewed several scientists, some who completely denied this "strange" claim, while others who tried to find answers and explanations to this mysterious phenomenon. "In The Beginning There was Light" is the concentrate of roughly 200 hours of film footage edited carefully to the present feature documentary which outnumbered all expectations during theatrical release, especially in the German speaking countries.

"In The Beginning There Was Light" sold more than 100,000 tickets in Austrian cinemas alone and was the third most successful documentary in Austrian cinema history !

Docu-Blockbuster: won the Austrian Golden Ticket for 100.000 tickets sold in Austria

Docu-Blockbuster: "Light" won the Austrian Golden Ticket for 100.000 tickets sold in Austria - and was released around the world.

"Light" was also internationally very successful due to a box office result of four million dollars in Europe and sales in more than a dozen countries. Besides receiving the best possible rating at the Austrian Movie Rating Comission "Prädikat: Besonders Wertvoll", the movie has also won several prizes and has received enthusiastic movie reviews. In the same breath, the film has also created a huge media controversy and violent rejection by the so called "skeptics-community".

Following the surpising box office success a huge media controversy aroused around "Light" especially in the german speaking countries.

P.A. Straubinger writes in his extensive Director´s Statement about the scientific and philosophical background of "Light", about its message, possible misunderstandings and unpublished research material.
As I write this statement in the background section I will allow myself to answer the tagline of my film right away because it creates so much misunderstanding.

This is a "Spoiler" ;-) So if you have not seen the film and want to be surprised - Please STOP reading!

If we use the definition of classical physics, meaning light, as electromagnetic radiation, as a known part of the electromagnetic wave spectrum, we have to say definitely - NO. It is not possible to live on this light alone !

"IN THE BEGINNING THERE WAS LIGHT" however is working with a wider definition of "light", scientifically not well explored and in the mainstream violently rejected, meaning the "LIGHT OF LIFE", this universal vital energy called Qi in den Chinese tradition or Prana in India.
The traditional Chinese character for QI, the central principle of Chinese medicine, translated as universal "life force".
This documentary works with a wider definition of light - the "LIGHT OF LIFE", known in many traditions under different names. ​

Wilhelm Reich named it Orgone, others may call it "Free Energy" or Mana. It has many names in different traditions. Some biophysicists like Fritz-Albert Popp think they found scientific evidence for the "light of life" in biophoton-research. If we are speaking about this "light" then we have to see that there is a lot of presumptive evidence suggesting that there are and obviously always have been human beings who are able to absorb this mysterious energy directly. Actually there exists scientific proof that all human beings are "living on light" to a certain degree - some more, some less.

Some biophysicists see scientific indications for the "light of life" in biophoton-research.

To which degree it is possible to live on this "light" alone, so the detour via physical food becomes dispensable, is an open question . We will speak about the scientific background and the existing evidence later on.

Wilhelm Reich, a scientific pioneer in researching the "light of life" , that he called Orgone.
Biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp:

"The organism is a "light being". That is why it is theoretically possible for an organism to give up physical food."

by Biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp: