This award winning documentary investigates the controversial phenomenon of "Breatharianism"
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Erin Fall Haskell (The Inner Viewer) interviews director P.A. Straubinger about "In the beginning there was Light".
Part 1 (The film and the topic)
Part 2 (The making of "Light")

Wendy Sue Noah interviews P.A. Straubinger about the challenges of releasing "Light" in the US. Blog
Dr. Robert Newton interviews P.A. Straubinger on the subject of Breatharianism. Blogtalkradio-interview
Review by renowned meditation teacher Paul Lowe
Recap of the "Pranic Festival" with a presentation of P.A. Straubinger and a screening of "Light".


Wendy Sue Noah interviews Dean Radin the senior scientist of the Institute of Noetic Sciences about his view on Breatharianism and "Light" Blog.
"Making a case for the impossible" - A discussion and possible explanations for the phenomenon of Breatharianism from the point of view of a Neurologist.
Pofessor Gerald Pollack from the University of Washington presents in his article scientific explanation models how "living on light" works: 
Article "Can humans photosynthesize ?"



Wendy Sue Noah interviews Breatharian couple Camila and Akahi in her Blog
Tao Health Qigong about the Chinese Tradition of Breatharianism, called "Bigu".
Podcast Interview with Breatharian Atlantis at
English youtube-interview with Dutch Breatharian Julie Jespersen
youtube-documentary about the Buddy Boy - a Breatharian from Nepal
Billy Ray Valentine interviews P.A. Straubinger for his Internet Radio Show "The Infitinite Fringe" about Breatharianism and the frontiers of science.